19 Dec

Don’t be too aggressive with this instant ‘sale’ business, but a gentle ‘nudge to buy’ is rarely turned down.

SELF-PUBLISHING – How To Promote & Sell Your Book Before It Is Even Published


If you’re a self-published writer with a book out at the moment let me run a scenario past you. Go back six months or so to when you were in the middle of writing your magnificent opus, let’s say it’s a novel. You were probably chatting with a friend in a pub/wine bar and they asked “Working on anything good at the moment?”

And you replied “Well, yes, I’ve got this thing I’m writing, it’s nothing much really, probably nothing will come of it, it’s about a woman, I think, who goes to an airport to meet, oh no sorry, actually it was going to be a woman but I then decided it should be a man who wants to work in a hospital or was it the theatre…?”

It’s at this point that your friend falls asleep, and you feel a fool.

Let’s try Take Number 2. And action……Your…

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