E-publishing and the Ocean of Options

21 Dec

I like the fact that I maintain ultimate control over my work, there’s no long term commitments, and the details of who gets what, and when, money-wise was very up-front and easy to understand. There doesn’t seem to be any awkward loopholes and that gives me peace of mind.


allretailersSo I have a confession to make in regards to this whole ebook thing.  I thought it’d be easier then it is.  That’s not to say its difficult in regards to getting it out there but there’s a multitude of choices I hadn’t anticipated and no shortage of articles and blogs touting the “what to do or not do” when starting the entire process.  After doing my own research for the past couple of weeks I’ve come to my own determination as to how I plan to get my own work up online.

I decided to go with as an aggregator.  This basically means I’m uploading to them and letting them grind my work out into whatever format is required to get it into a downloadable format for Apple ibooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc.  I picked them for 2 reasons a) they’re free and b) they seem to…

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