How to Write an Effective Book Description

06 Jan

I think this finally begins to get the description right. It is roughly 110 words. It’s told in third-person, present tense, and I count eight emotional power words (“distressed,” “troubled,” “heartbreak,” “mad,” “anguish,” “tormented,” “heart-pounding,” and “turbulent”). – Ron Herron

Painting With Light

The book description, one of the most crucial elements in selling a book, is often also the most difficult element for many self-published authors to create.

The main reason … they don’t want to leave anything out.

As the work’s creator, their natural instinct is to cram as much of it as possible into the synopsis. But too many details can render their description confusing and ineffective.

Here’s what I’ve learned through my personal trial-and-error efforts (and I’m by no means sure I have it right yet) … but these are the five main points to consider when writing a book description.

1. Don’t Include Subplots. When it comes to the book description, the only thing that matters is the main theme. That’s all you need to focus on. What is the primary action that drives your book?

2. Keep It Under 150 Words. Summarizing tens of…

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One response to “How to Write an Effective Book Description

  1. Ron Herron

    May 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    I appreciate the re-blog, Gretta. I just came across it during a Google search. Thanks.


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