The pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing

07 Jan

Ylva Publishing

After another of the lesbian fiction publishers is about to close down, the discussions on some Yahoo groups started anew: What is better for authors—traditional or self-publishing?

Well, we are a (not so) traditional publisher, but we tried to list the pros and cons that each option has for authors.


Advantages of traditional publishing

  • One of the biggest advantages of traditional publishing is that there are no up-front costs to the author. The publisher will pay for editing, layout, cover design, e-book conversion, printing, shipping, and marketing. There’s no financial risk involved for the author. With self-publishing, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even get back the money you invested.
  • If you join a publishing house, you’re not alone. There’s a team of experienced editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, and technical support staff, who help make your book the best it can be. Self-published writers have to do all the work…

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