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Should you Self-Publish?

Should you Self-Publish?

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There is a certain stigma that comes with self-publishing, the term being branded as vanity publishing. However, a deeper understanding of how publishing works can help you know what truly is in store for you in terms of self-publishing.
Many aspiring authors who have grown tired of trying to get an agent, let alone get their book published. With so many authors, a mountain of manuscripts and limited shelf-space, these authors have taken things into their own hands, going en-route self-publishing.
According to Bowker, the agency that assigns ISBNs and publishes the Books in Print database, self-published books have outnumbered traditional titles in production last year.
Self-publishing, just like traditional publishing, is not for everyone. However, it can be right for you. If you find yourself in any of these situations, then self-publishing just might work to your advantage:
• You know that your book has real potential but find it difficult to get an agent or a publisher.
• You are a professional (business entrepreneur, public speaker, church leader, etc) who wants to publish a book that will cater to your prospective audience or target audience.
• You do not seek fame and fortune. You only want to have something special to give to your loved ones.
• You want to get full creative control of your book’s entire creative process. Since it is your book, you want to want to be in complete charge.
• You have given up on rejection letters and simply want to get your book published.

Publishing power does not all have to be in the hands of major publishers – it belongs to the author. Moreover, major publishers just cannot see the next bestseller when they see one.Self-publishing provides an opportunity for aspiring authors to not just launch their writing careers, but truly fulfill their dream of getting published.

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5 tips to getting published in 2013 by Keith Ogorek

The Indie Book Writers Blog | Self Publishing | Get Published

2013 imageThere has never been a better time to be an author so if you have a manuscript you have been working on, 2013 is the year you can get published.  Here are five simple tips to help you make sure you get to your goal.

  1. Pick a date when you want to hold a copy of your book. Writing is a process, but publishing is a goal so you need a deadline. And I have found the authors who are successful in self publishing, set a date when they want to hold a copy of their book. Sounds simple, but it is really important.
  2. Decide when is the best time for you to write and make that your routine.  I have talked to hundreds of authors and the ones who get to the goal have a discipline about their writing. Most have a better time in the day when they…

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Children’s Book Publishing: Benefits of Self-Publishing

Benefits of Self-Publishing

Retain Full Rights to Your Book

Your manuscript is your sole possession. By self-publishing your children’s book with us, you retain 100% rights to your work even long after completing publication. You are free to pursue other publishing houses or sell your rights to any entity as these are well within your rights as a self-published author.

Quick Turnaround Times

Traditional publishing revolves around an18-month cycle or even more. Whereas self-publishing your children’s book only takes about two months from the time that you have completely submitted the manuscript and image requirements.

Print As You Please

Print-On-Demand technology relieves the pressure among authors to print large quantities of books that may not work for them yet. You may choose to print as many as 1,500 or as few as one.

Remain In-Print, Forever

Because your book does not need to be physically inside bookstores, and there are no restrictions as to print order volumes, you can ensure your books remains in stock, ready-to-ship and never goes out of print-in perpetuity.

Full Control of the Creative Process

As the main proponent of your own book, you have complete control of your book’s creative direction. Our editors, designers and consultants will only assist you to achieve the results you envision.

Ability to Test Your Market

Self-publishing allows you to test the market and measure how responsive are the niches you intend to tap prior to committing a full-scale investment.

Ability to Zero-In on Specific Niches

Your intended readers may not be as big as those that most publishing houses will comfortably invest on. However, profitability is not entirely about reaching the largest target demographic. Your children’s book may have a latent market waiting for your book and self-publishing can provide you with means to do it.

Leave A Legacy

Some famous children’s books were personal works of fiction intended for sharing with only family and friends, but through their sheer joy and universal affinity, they have been embraced by the rest of the world.

The Publication Process

With so many publishing options out there, it is easy to get lost in the maze of formats, illustration, cover and interior design formats prior in submitting your manuscript. However, not to worry, we have come up with a streamlined publishing process from pre to post publication. Our professional staff will be on hand to assist you with the process every step of the way. The process is outlined as follow:

  • Completing Your Manuscript
  • Choosing Your Package
  • Reviewing Your Electronic Layout
  • Releasing Your Children’s Book to the World!


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Publish Your Own Book

With BlogCollector, publishing your own book has never been so easy!

Below illustrates the steps in the whole process:

book idea

book idea4

  1. Write the book in your blog
    Any blog will do: MSN Spaces, Blogger/Blogspot.
  2. Use BlogCollector to prepare your manuscript into PDF
    Let BlogCollector do the hardwork! Download it now.
  3. Buy an ISBN number for your book
    You can buy it from at very affordable price (around USD 20).
  4. Send your PDF to a print-on-demand shop
    Such shops include Xlibris, iUniverse, and AuthorHouse.

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