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Writing in Relation to Reader

Author N. N. Herring

Today is the first technical day of school. I say technical because I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (but trust me, they’re extremely long days). But a technical day of school does not stop N.N. Herring from making a blog post! No, no!

I want to talk about writing with keeping that reader in mind. The reader is everything that you’re creative younger self imagined as that scary monster in the closet. The reader is judgmental, enigmatic, and an unfortunate being that might or might not have one large eye in the middle of their head. They’re that book reviewer who does not relent on giving less than three stars. They’re your parents that always told you to be a doctor or marry a doctor. They’re your reflection that tells you that maybe it’s time to use that hair removal cream on that upper lip.

You kind of…

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