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Phase 2 of a successful book marketing campaign: Once you submit your manuscript.

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In an earlier post, I introduced the idea that there are three phases of a successful marketing campaign. The first phase is Before You Submit Your Manuscript. Phase 2 is Once You Submit Your Manuscript. This is when you truly begin to prepare the groundwork for the launch of your book.

marketing-381x300Here are the key things to focus on during this critical phase.

Sometimes called the “elevator pitch,” this is the two-minute speech you would give to get media outlets
interested in featuring your book. Above all, make sure your pitch is brief, clear and unique. Don’t just talk about your book, but make sure you talk about the topic of your book in your pitch.

One of the key elements of your marketing plan should be a book launch party. This is a way to generate

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Getting published! Sort of…

A writer's blog- (Nia Harries)

Well the past few weeks have been hectic and they will continue to be, however i am looking forward to the next chapter in my life, quite literally!

I have decided that due to some of the changes in my life in the coming months that i will be putting my book to bed and self- publishing. I have had some first hand advice from a lovely friend of mine- (thanks Jules) who has incidentally already published a book- find it here following which i am now taking the great leap of faith and will have my book in my hand hopefully by the summer! I am very excited at the prospect but also petrified as i still have my college course to complete and a future to plan out given that i am leaving my current job at the end of the month.

As scary as this new step seems i…

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The frustrations of self-publishing


As some of my readers here know, I recently self-published my autobiography, “Getting Down to Brass Tacks,” which is now for sale on Amazon and numerous other online stores.

Getting the job done has been a bumpy road. You can’t do it on your own unless you’re at least somewhat computer savvy and have some knowledge of formatting in Word. I did my e-book first, through BookBaby, and was able (with their excellent customer service) to get the job done on my own, but when it came to doing the print-on-demand paperback through CreateSpace, I found the process so complicated that I finally hired someone to do it for me. book-promotion

After you’ve self-published your book, the inevitable question arises: Now what? Well, I’d been promoting my book here and in the social media, which aroused some interest initially. But after awhile, things cool down and you start to wonder what…

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Self-publishing and a Free E-book


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Why Do Writers Start with Novels?

Kelly J. Hand

woman with bookIn a recent GalleyCat blog post,Jason Boog commented on an online debate about why new writers start with novels.  One participant in the exchange mentioned that composers do not start off writing symphonies, but instead begin with smaller pieces.  The analogy is interesting and suggests many new writers are overambitious.  However, I think it is a reflection of current literary tastes, and how they motivate writers.

The short answer to the question is that we want to write novels because we read novels.  I love novels because they become a part of my life and capture my imagination for days or weeks at a time.  It is a pleasure to live with stories and characters to distract me from my own preoccupations—and help me to reflect productively on my own life.  The best stories stay with me and shape my thinking.  Short stories, on the other hand, may…

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FREE Book with 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Published Author (This Weekend Only)!

Change It Up Editing

From Friday, January 11 through Sunday, January 13, you have a chance to download a free Kindle version of What’s Your Book?, an aspiring author’s guide to completing the dream to become a published author. This comprehensive guide gives you the best info from innovative publishing professional Brooke Warner, who is one of my personal heroes in the publishing world; learn more about her here.jpeg_WYB_cover_image_320

In five chapters, What’s Your Book? will help you discover how to:

  • embrace the art of becoming an author;
  • get over common hurdles that prevent you from finishing your book;
  • challenge counterproductive mindsets;
  • build an author platform; and
  • get published.

These are just a few of the many tips you’ll find in What’s Your Book? Most important, you’ll learn about the three paths to publishing so that once you complete your work, you commit to yourself that you’ll bring it to your readers.

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The most-annoying writing mistakes [Infographic]

The most-annoying writing mistakes. I guess this infographic is mostly for me, as a writer guilty of about half of these!

The most-annoying writing mistakes [Infographic]

This infographic was originally posted on Career Enlightment.

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