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Is LinkedIn Trying To Get Into The Self-Publishing Game with Pulse?


Almost everyone these days has a LinkedIn account, whether they need one or not — in fact I can’t tell you how many of my actor friends got one in college and never check it! But when you’re in a more straightforward profession than acting, or if you’re looking for ways to put yourself out there, it’s worth having a Linkedin profile.


However, in the world of publishing and personal branding, Linkedin gets forgotten much of the time. Who needs a Linkedin when you already have a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and personal website, you might say?

Linkedin has apparently noticed this and, like Barnes and Noble, wants to make more of themselves in the self-publishing industry. Yesterday they announced the purchase of Pulse, a “social reading company” (sort of like an RSS feed, but prettier) as part of their first step toward becoming a “professional publishing platform.”

Here’s what…

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Top 5 Ebook Self-Publishing Tips in 2013

“People judge a book a book by its cover, they do, so I would strongly recommend that authors consider using a professional cover designer and investing the time and effort in that,” says Lefebvre.


Three days ago, the Times Colonist, a Canadian newspaper has published a very interesting article talking about Self-publishing. The article took  our attention an today we want to Reblog it for you. The article has suggestions for authors for having a successfull self-published ebook.

In 2012, Douglas & McIntyre filed for bankruptcy protection, Random House of Canada become the sole owner of McClelland & Stewart, and Penguin and Random House planned a merge. It’s perhaps no surprise that year also saw an explosion in online self-publishing, with a wealth of platforms — including Kobo Writing Life, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and iBooks Author — offering authors an alternate avenue.

“We’re actually hearing from a lot of different types of authors, some brand new and some successful … that have had traditional contracts that are just using self-publishing to experiment with new stuff or put books out that they…

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