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Book Country launches free self-pub tools!

Big changes coming to the Book Country Community, too!

You may have noticed some pretty big changes around here yesterday? We relaunched Book Country’s self-publishing tools, and we think you’ll like what we’ve done with the place:

  • Free eBook Publishing: Yep, you heard right. Writers using Book Country’s self-publishing tools now have the ability to upload, format, design, publish and distribute their eBooks free of charge.
  • Higher Royalties: Writer using Book Country’s self-publishing tools will now earn 85% of their net sales, after retailers take their cut.
  • Online Editor: Our goal at Book Country has always been to help educate writers; with our new online editor, writers who want to format and publish their own eBooks can learn where their formatting mistakes are happening and correct them immediately. No more wrestling with an awkward style guide! *throws old style guide on ground, stomps on it*
  • Distribution to All Major eBook Retailers: Amazon, Apple,, Kobo, Sony, Google, and Scribd
  • Open to All Types of Writing: Previously the Book Country self-publishing tools were limited to writers of science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, and thriller. Although the Community will remain a genre-only writing community (for now; more below!), we’ve eliminated the need for writers to attach their self-published work to our Genre Map, which opens up the self-publishing services to writers working in most genres of fiction and non-fiction.
  • eBook-Only Self-Publishing Platform: Digital content has become more important to those of you looking for non-traditional pathways to share your writing. For that reason, we’ve decided to nix the print publishing services and focus on making Book Country the easiest (and best!) way for writers to publish an eBook.

But Wait! There’s MORE! 

The changes to our self-publishing tools are the first step in a radical (and awesome!) redesign of the entire Book Country site, including our Community workshop. In addition to fixing some of those technology bugs that have plagued us for a while, some other exciting changes you’ll see coming to your Community by the Summer of 2013 include:

  • More Genres! (No, really. LOTS MORE.) You spoke up and we listened. Although we love our genre fiction community members, we realized that many of you write across several genres; by limiting you can post on our site, we were doing you a disservice. We’ll be opening up the Community workshop to almost all fiction genres, as well as narrative non-fiction and memoir. We’re looking forward to seeing all the new projects you’ll be sharing!
  • Private Messaging (I KNOW! Right?)  Lots of you have asked for this feature, and I’m pleased to say that the redesigned Book Country community will allow users who are Connected to private message one another. *fist pump*
  • Enhanced Discussion Board Functionality: There are some fantastic discussions about writing going on in our forums, but we know that the platform isn’t always optimal for following a conversation. Our new forums will rock your world, we promise!

We’re still taking suggestions for enhancements to the Book Country community, and we’d love to hear from you. How can we improve your experience?

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