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So You Want To Know How To Get Published?

Quirky Warrior Woman Writer Kimberly A. Cook

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

It might be easier to explain how to build an Ark. From scratch. But since a friend asked for a writer friend, let me give this a shot. A long time ago in a galaxy far away before the Internet, traditional publishing lived in New York City and writers tried to get agents who then submitted their work to publishing companies who decided who would get published.

Then along came the Internet in the mid-1980s and web pages and writers were called content providers. (Always hated that title.) A new product called ebooks came into being in the early 2000s and soon a group of rebels (authors and writers) realized they could overcome the Death Star of New York publishing houses and authorpreneurs/publishers were born in the great Indie publishing skirmishes which continue today.

So one decision you need to make about getting published is whether you want to be with the traditionals or…

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Xlibris Writer’s Workshop Presents: Inspiration for Writing – Part One

Notwithstanding how much you love to write, there will always be times when inspiration will not come and frustration kicks in. Inspiration is the essential ingredient every author must have.  Every writer needs to be inspired to find that brilliant book within them. Inspiration can come from a plethora of sources. In this first of a series of articles written for our new Xlibris Writer’s Workshop, we will explore a few sources you may of thought of and/or use right now. If you don’t; great! If you do, let these tips act as a reminder.

Keep a notebook handy:

This is a must for anybody who wants to write. Jot down your thoughts as they occur, use it to record quotes, plot ideas, character references, snippets of good phrases and conversation. Then use it as a research tool for your writing.


Listen to people:

When you are out in public, listen for what people are saying. I don’t mean eavesdrop, but keep quiet and your ears open for any interesting and relevant bits of dialog, and then jot it down in your notebook quickly.

Use your friends and family:

Speaking with friends and family can be a knowledgeable spring of inspiration. These conversations can stir the pot, focus your thoughts and produce ideas you had not envisaged. This can result in something that is greater than the sum of the parts.


Quotes are another massive source for insight. There are many internet quote sites you can visit to experience the words and sayings of the great and the good. Hopefully these will motivate and thrill you to greater heights in your efforts.

Source: Xlibris Writer’s Workshop Presents: Inspiration for Writing – Part One


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