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The Disadvantages of self publishing


Self-publishing brings many benefits not least of which is the ability to get one’s work published quickly (indeed for many aspiring authors self-publishing is the only option given that most established publishing houses will not “risk” publishing unknown authors). The purpose of this post is however to deal with some of the downsides associated with self-publishing.

I self-published my collection of short stories, The First Time, using the services of a company which specialises in the field of self-publishing. The company offers a variety of packages ranging from an ebook only option through to the publication of both an ebook and a printed version (Print on Demand or POD). They also offer editorial services, book cover design and a press release service. I plumped for the ebook only option and paid for book cover design as an optional add-on.

One of the advantages of utilising the services of a self-publishing…

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Are Book Trailer Videos Really Necessary?

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Book Marketing

Inspiring a World of Listeners

It’s amazing what a little know how and encouragement can accomplish.  Learning from others successes and failures can be one of the best ways to successfully market our books. One great place that I have found to do that is the Book Marketing Success Community by where authors build connections with other authors, as well as get answers from those who have gone before them and already know the in’s and out’s of book marketing.


This month is featuring book marketing expert, Staci Stallings in their Q&A session. Here’s a little bit more about Staci:

A stay-at-home mom with a husband, three kids and a writing addiction on the side, Staci has numerous titles for readers to choose from. Not content to stay in one genre and write it to death, her stories run the gamut to make every title a new adventure. With over 20 books published…

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Reading & Writing with Passion


A bookstore is like a bar where you go to pick up books; internet bookstores are like online dating services.  You browse through the books to find one that catches your eye.  When you see one you like, you look at it more closely.  You scan it up and down, turn it over and examine its rear.  The book doesn’t mind.  In fact, the book is yearning for more.  This is what it was written for.  It is begging, “Pick me!  Pick me!”

Satisfied with what you see so far, you look inside.  You judge its appearance inside and out.  Then you decide to get to know it better.  You read the cover blurbs.  You check out the contents, browse through the introduction.  You’re measuring its personality, knowledge, and communication skills; judging its potential.

If the book passes your examination, you take it out on a date.  You begin reading…

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The thing remains what it is. It is not you. You are not what it is. You know nothing of the thing apart from the growing emerging context. You know nothing about the thing. The thing itself. The thing with respect to itself. From the thing’s frame of reference. From the thing’s point of view.

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My offering for the latest Friday Fictioneers challenge.

Out of context. Everything begins out of context. Everything begins out of context at least with respect to itself. From its own frame of reference. From its own point of view.

Out of context until something emerges to give it context. A detail. A broad stroke. A battery.

Then the context grows. The context and the emerging details grow and develop a context around the thing. At least with respect to itself. From its own frame of reference. From its own point of view. A jar.

But does the thing grow? Does the thing grow within the emerging context? The detail, the broad stroke, the battery, the jar? Or is it your understanding that grows when the context emerges? Your understanding grows but the thing does not grow. Only the context around it–the context that you understand–grows and emerges and grows. Like…

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You are your best promoter. You put your heart and soul into your book. You know it better than anyone else does. However, if you feel you need help in the promotion area, you can always hire a publicist or marketing person.

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Right, all that out of the way: Have at it, gentle reader, and tell me which books you loved and why. And don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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Self Publishing Advocate

Originally posted by Suw Charman-Anderson on Forbes.
Suw is one of the Social Media Poineers in UK. She’s also a contributor on, Computer Weekly, CIO Magazine, and The Guardian under the Social Media and Technology category.

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time to ask you, dear reader, what your favourite self-published book of 2012 is. What have you read that set your toes on fire? What gripped you? Excited you? Had you reading under the covers by torchlight (or kindlelight?) until three in the morning on a school night? I want to know!

To take part in the ad hoc and very unscientific survey, please take a moment to fill in this short form.

A few groundrules before you do, though:

1. You’re only allowed to suggest one title.
2.  That title must have been published this year.
3.  If you are a self-published author…

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